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If you have squirrels in your yard, and most of us do, you probably are looking for a squirrel proof bird feeder. A lot of companies have feeders available that is called squirrel proof, but in reality, keeping a squirrel away from food is nearly impossible. In this article, we want to look at three things to look for in a wild bird feeder.

Quality of construction

Quality has to be our number one consideration for the simple fact that squirrels are very destructive. They want that feed and will work all day every day to get the food. If your feeder is not made from a very substantial material, the squirrels will tear it apart. I am sure you have heard that you get what you pay for. That is very true in this case. Do not buy those cheap bird feeders if you have squirrels in your yard. Either buy a well constructed, heavy built feed station or realize you will have to keep replacing the cheap ones.

The type of bird you want to attract

There are many types of birds, and many desire certain habitats for feeding and are very picky about what they eat. The feeder you choose must match the bird you want to attract. Squirrel proof feeders come in many forms to supply the different birds with what they want. Very little can be done to protect the ground feeding birds, squirrels will just run them off and eat the food. Some people have some success with the above ground platforms if they can position them to where a squirrel cannot reach them. When hanging a food station from a pole or a limb be sure to use a squirrel guard even if your feeder is squirrel resistant. There are many types of guards available to fit your feeding situation.

Ease and care of the feeding station

Some of the squirrel resistant designs are so complicated that it is hard to maintain the equipment. Many of the feeders are built so complicatedly, to keep the squirrels out, that they keep you out too. So, check to see how easy it is to fill with bird seed and how easy it is to clean and maintain. Feeders add value to your birdhouses, as they will ultimately attract more birds. Blue birds, for instance, love window feeders as they are usually not in confined spaces and are easily reachable. Humming birds love beautiful colored feeders, as they are attracted to bright colors. What feeder you choose will most likely depend on the type of bird you wish to attract. Keep on the lookout for sparrows though as they will eat whatever is in …

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bird feeder


Are you frustrated by squirrels getting to your well-planned bird habitat? Everyone knows how difficult it can be to stop squirrels from gobbling up tasty seeds from a well-stocked, bird feeder. To avoid more extreme measures, try out a few of these ideas before you fill your first feeder.

Choose squirrel proof bird feeders.

There are many products on the market that are specifically designed to thwart these furry bandits that never give-up. Some squirrel proof bird feeders are weight-activated, some spin or flip and some have metal grids around the seed source that will send squirrels away in frustration. However, even if you don’t currently have one of these specific bird feeders, there are a few quick tricks to squirrel proof an existing garden bird habitat.

Pick a good location.

Since squirrels are quite acrobatic and can jump distances up to 10-feet or more, place feeders away from trees, low branches, porches, and fences. The optimum solution is to mount the bird feeder or birdhouse at least six feet off the ground and leave a 12-foot circle without shrubs or branches.

Add a squirrel baffle.

If you add a smooth-surfaced plastic or metal squirrel baffle above or below the bird feeder, it will prevent squirrels and larger birds, like pigeons and starlings, from accessing the seed supply. Squirrel baffles should be approximately 15-inches wide and set at an angle so these acrobats can’t get proper footing. Some squirrel baffles are even designed to tilt or spin to keep these predators away from your bird feed.

Add a wire cage.

Some bird feeders are already designed with a metal cage to protect the seed source. If not, place a wire cage or mesh with small openings around the bird feeder-small enough so that only birds can fit through and eat the seed.

Try a metal feeder.

If you need to replace a bird feeder, choose one that is constructed from metal or has metal feeding ports as these are less likely to be destroyed by chewing squirrels.

Does seed variety matter?

Even your choice of seed will have an impact. Although a hungry or ‘just bored’ squirrel will eat just about any seed, they are less likely to snack on Nyjer or safflower seeds. Just like most humans, squirrels are sensitive to spicy foods. To discourage them, add a sprinkling of ground, cayenne pepper to your birdseed mixture and watch them scurry away! Add red pepper on a consistent basis so it will remain fresh and potent. For your protection, use gloves when handling the pepper and avoid breathing in the pepper dust.


If you follow these tips and still see an occasional squirrel lurking around …

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What do you fill your backyard bird feeder with? You may be filling it with the wrong seed for the wrong types of birds. Did you know that most general bags of birdseed are filled with mostly fillers that most birds don’t even like? Birds will pick through the mixture for their selections tossing out the filler which winds up wasted. Why pay for seed that no one is going to eat anyways? According to an backyard birdfeeder article, general birdseed mixtures contain oats, red millet, and other millers that most birds won’t eat. Some of the different variety of birdseeds include: thistle, sunflower, safflower, cracked corn, white proso millet, milo, peanuts, various varieties of millet, rapeseed, and canary seed. All birds love sunflowers which come in two varieties: striped (harder shell) and black oil (thinner shell). Safflower is a favorite for cardinals while thistle is the preferred seed of finches. Most millet is the preferred seed of ground-feeding birds such as: doves, quails, sparrows, cardinals, and blackbirds. Cracked corn is usually given to ducks, turkeys, quails, geese, and other similar type species; although sparrows enjoy it as well. Peanuts are popular for jays, chickadees, woodpeckers as well as other specious. Millet is used a lot as fillers in birdseed mixtures and most birds don’t care to eat it so it is wasted.

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How to Attract Birds to Your Bird Feeder

There are many people that love to have bird feeders, but then they want to have squirrel proof bird feeders where only the birds are getting the food. There are many of these birds feeders that you can buy, you just need to make sure that you know what to look for. There are a couple of bird feeders that you can buy that are squirrel proof. You should just know what to look for. Here are a couple of things that you should look for when buying a bird feeder, so that you can know that it will be squirrel proof.

Electric bird feeders

The first thing that you can look for, is an electric bird feeder. This actually doesn’t work with electricity, but the food doesn’t lie around so that the squirrels can also feed off it. There is just enough space for the birds to get their beaks into the feeder to feed.

These types of bird feeder are known as one of the best squirrel proof bird feeders on the market that you can buy for your bird. There is no chance that the squirrels can get to the food that you left outside for the birds.

Cage bird feeder

Another great way that you can ensure that you are feeding the birds and not the squirrels, is to have a bird feeder in a cage. The spaces in the cage are big enough for the birds to get through, but the squirrels need to be really small in order to get through.

This is not only a great way to protect the food from squirrels, but it is also one of the most popular ways of having a squirrel proof bird feeder that will not let the birds without food. The only problem that many people have with this type of bird feeder, is that it isn’t one of the best looking bird feeders on the market, and not everyone like how the bird feeder look in the trees.

Roller feeder

This might be one of the more expensive squirrel proof bird feeders, but this is an effective bird feeder that you can use for feeding the birds without feeding the squirrels as well.

The feeder is designed in such a way, that it only can handle the weight of the birds. The moment that the squirrels are getting on the feeder, it will start rolling and tipping. And, the squirrel will not be able to stay on the feeder. The other great thing about this bird feeder, is that this is one of the best looking bird feeders that you can buy for your garden that is going to only feed the birds.

There …

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The best guide to help you find one of the superb squirrel proof bird feeders. I understand squirrels are aggravating. However, you also check them amusing and might even capture yourselves smiling at their brilliant antics to try as well as get at the seeds in the bird feeder. It is quite amazing to see themdoing this thing and notice their extreme dexterity, agility, and sheer determination to find the seeds out of from the feeder.

So, what is it possible to do aside from the baffles and chilli powder and the wiring and plastic containers’; in essence besides all that time and effort and no real success?

Brome 1015 Squirrel Buster Classic

As the name suggest, this bird feeders for Cardinals is the same company and in the fact that bird feeder is an upgrade of this one. It shares similar features with it’s bigger more costly brother. The Brome antique has a line shroud adjoining the tube canister. Openings in the wire shroud align with seed feeder ports and offer bird’s access to the seeds.

If the squirrel climbs on, its weight (even that of just a little squirrel) pulls the shrouded down, and barricades the seeds. Simple, yet extremely effective.

Wood link Overall II Squirrel Model 7536

This Wood link product is a superb classic hopper, and I just love this squirrel proof bird feeders. It is one the best bird feeders for Cardinals that provide you tremendous affordability. It too has a weight sensitive defence mechanism, which shuts the seed plug-ins when a squirrels’ bulkier weight causes the system.

Perky-Pet 338 Squirrel Country House

This all red Perky Family pet bet feeder looks works and great pretty high as well. It possesses an attached steel hanger for easy placement and an optional attachment for mounting on a pole as well.

It employs virtually the same system as the feeders I have detailed so far. Anything bulkier than a bird brings the perch down and shuts from the seed port. The kicker is the fact not only does the squirrel get no food, as a result of the original strategy of the slanting perch,however,but the squirrel also comes off as well.

As with the other squirrel proof bird feeders just, this perch to has a little screw on the pivot of the perch so that you can adjust the pole for varying weights of birds

Wild Expenses Eight Interface squirrel proof bird feeders

This parrot feeder is unique for the reason that it employs a shocker system to surprise squirrels with a power current. Do not get too shocked at this time! It is entirely safe and the voltage implemented is incredibly slight; just about enough …

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There are a great demand from the consumers to our market as of today about different bird feeders. There are a lot of bird lovers arising in our community resulting to great demand of feeders. Some bird lovers are working. So they can’t afford to stay longer on taking care and seeing what their yards need. And because of this, they to research on how they can help themselves solve the problem by trying to use a feeders that can hold vast volume of feeds that could last for how many days, week or more without refilling it again and again. Read more at

Since they find it comfortable using feeders of large quantity like of that bird feeders for cardinal designs, they are now preferring it to buy for thus, increasing the demand of this. And according to some manufacturers, that the best and high selling product they have are their feeders holding large quantities.

Bird Feeders of Large Capacity - Selecting the Right One

When thinking to buy a squirrel proof bird feeder, your large feeder choice, first thing you do is to ask yourself on what feeder you will need. Second, have you tried this one before? Do you really need this? Do you know how much the actual needs? What are the birds you’d love to have on your yard? And most importantly, do you know how and where to set up your large feeders? Are you capable of doing so?

If all your answers are positive to this questions then grab your large capacity feeders right away to start your garden be full of your favorite birds.

To where will you hang up your bird feeders?

Knowing where you going to put your bird feeders is very important. It must be that you have a greater capability in doing it. You also need wide variety of trees where you can hang up your large capacity bird feeders. Always consider the area that is free from an easy access of any rodent nearby. Click here to read more info about bird feeders.

Offer the best garden that you have

Before purchasing your large capacity bird feeders for cardinals, first and foremost, look over your garden is this could be ready for hanging them. You can’t have the best result of your large bid feeders if your garden is not capable of holding on it.

Birds love a garden that offers all of the thing which they most need. The water, the food, the trees and the garden itself. If all of the needs of these birds are all address by your garden, then there’s no need for you to worry about.

You may prepare you garden perfectly by planting more flowers of different kinds, …

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