Songbirds like sparrows, finches, bluebirds, and other colorful birds that are becoming scares to its natural environment. However, you may help being bird lover by making your backyard a safer place for your favorite ones. Your yard will be more inviting if a birdbath, and nesting spots are safe. It will be then so amazing seeing many different types of species you can have to at your garden. Read more at

Giving Food

1. Knows the birds in your place. Research what kind of birds living in your environment. You may also try to find out if there are migrating birds in your area. You can obtain your field guide in order to be informed which birds you’re to attract in your yard. Set a target to have an environment which can support any kinds of different species. Keep in your mind that you may attract different kinds of species depending also of what will be its season.

2. Select your best bird feeder for cardinals. The kind of feeder you may choose might influence what type of bird species you can attract by into your garden. Whatever may be the kind of species that you would have. It always have its own important best quality.

3. Supply seed and any other food. Birds are attracted into your garden if you give them food. But there are necessary things to bear in mind. Have you planned what kind of birds you are wishing to attract? If you’re going to invite a vast range of native birds, then it’s a best idea to have more type of bird feeder and to provide different kinds of food..

4. Get to know what foods you must not to provide for. Birds can be directly get poisoned with the food which is contaminated or with content of an ingredients that are hard to digest.

5. Install a squirrel proof bird feeder a location that is safer. When want that the feeder will be near exactly to you for viewing from the house, put it within 3 feet of the window.

6. Maintaining the feeder. It is essential to replace the food more often and clean your feeder with water and soap every other weeks to come.

7. Give a grit. Birds are lacks of teeth, instead they rely on their organ named a gizzard in digesting their food. To work it regularly, their gizzard require a grit – gravel, small stones, or bit of sand..

How to Attract Birds to Your Bird Feeder

Securing a Nesting Area

1. Planting trees that are considered a native. Get information on the kind of trees may grow on your locality and try to bring them on your yard by planting it.

2. Building a birdhouse. Different kind of birds may nest on different kind of areas too. So better that you do research and planned first what kind of birds you want to attract into your garden.

3. Creating site for their Nest. Let your yard looks like a wild one to have the best nesting place. Click here to read more info about bird feeder.

4. Set for a squirrel proof bird feeder near to a nesting spot.

Making the Garden more Pleasant

1. Give them their water source. Birds are attracted more if they hear a sound of a dripping water.

2. No using of pesticides. These could harm your birds, thus allowing them to get away from your yards.

3. Keep the predators away from them. Snakes, cats, raccoons and rats prey on some kinds of birds.

4. Have the best squirrel proof bird feeder design to be hanged onto your garden.

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