If you have squirrels in your yard, and most of us do, you probably are looking for a squirrel proof bird feeder. A lot of companies have feeders available that is called squirrel proof, but in reality, keeping a squirrel away from food is nearly impossible. In this article, we want to look at three things to look for in a wild bird feeder.

Quality of construction

Quality has to be our number one consideration for the simple fact that squirrels are very destructive. They want that feed and will work all day every day to get the food. If your feeder is not made from a very substantial material, the squirrels will tear it apart. I am sure you have heard that you get what you pay for. That is very true in this case. Do not buy those cheap bird feeders if you have squirrels in your yard. Either buy a well constructed, heavy built feed station or realize you will have to keep replacing the cheap ones.

The type of bird you want to attract

There are many types of birds, and many desire certain habitats for feeding and are very picky about what they eat. The feeder you choose must match the bird you want to attract. Squirrel proof feeders come in many forms to supply the different birds with what they want. Very little can be done to protect the ground feeding birds, squirrels will just run them off and eat the food. Some people have some success with the above ground platforms if they can position them to where a squirrel cannot reach them. When hanging a food station from a pole or a limb be sure to use a squirrel guard even if your feeder is squirrel resistant. There are many types of guards available to fit your feeding situation.

Ease and care of the feeding station

Some of the squirrel resistant designs are so complicated that it is hard to maintain the equipment. Many of the feeders are built so complicatedly, to keep the squirrels out, that they keep you out too. So, check to see how easy it is to fill with bird seed and how easy it is to clean and maintain. Feeders add value to your birdhouses, as they will ultimately attract more birds. Blue birds, for instance, love window feeders as they are usually not in confined spaces and are easily reachable. Humming birds love beautiful colored feeders, as they are attracted to bright colors. What feeder you choose will most likely depend on the type of bird you wish to attract. Keep on the lookout for sparrows though as they will eat whatever is in sight and will nest in whatever birdhouse is available whether or not that is your preference.


Feeding is a very rewarding past time, but squirrels can be a big problem that is why the squirrel proof bird feeder is necessary. Try the above three tips to pick the right squirrel proof feeder, and you can get a head start on those bushy-tailed critters. Another tip is to feed the squirrels as well as the birds. That way they are not so anxious to raid the birds.

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