What do you fill your backyard bird feeder with? You may be filling it with the wrong seed for the wrong types of birds. Did you know that most general bags of birdseed are filled with mostly fillers that most birds don’t even like? Birds will pick through the mixture for their selections tossing out the filler which winds up wasted. Why pay for seed that no one is going to eat anyways? According to an backyard birdfeeder article, general birdseed mixtures contain oats, red millet, and other millers that most birds won’t eat. Some of the different variety of birdseeds include: thistle, sunflower, safflower, cracked corn, white proso millet, milo, peanuts, various varieties of millet, rapeseed, and canary seed. All birds love sunflowers which come in two varieties: striped (harder shell) and black oil (thinner shell). Safflower is a favorite for cardinals while thistle is the preferred seed of finches. Most millet is the preferred seed of ground-feeding birds such as: doves, quails, sparrows, cardinals, and blackbirds. Cracked corn is usually given to ducks, turkeys, quails, geese, and other similar type species; although sparrows enjoy it as well. Peanuts are popular for jays, chickadees, woodpeckers as well as other specious. Millet is used a lot as fillers in birdseed mixtures and most birds don’t care to eat it so it is wasted.

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